We’ve worked with many global clients, design firms, and commercial illustration agencies to fulfill their specific requirements.

Commercial Murals

Looking to freshen up a commercial lobby space, boardroom, meeting space, restaurant interior or lounge? We’ve designed and painted many large-scale, custom commercial murals that wrap walls, exterior store facades, floors, windows and more. Not only do our murals help to create corporate culture and bond communities, they’re also used as press photography backdrops, tradeshow booth graphics, marketing brochures and more. Custom colours can also be incorporated into the art so that it perfectly matches to your brand.

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Allocadia Mural
Hootsuite Spotted Boardroom - Great Horned Owl
Kafka's Coffee & Tea Mural - 2016 Vancouver Mural Festival
Fusion Projects Mural
Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

We offer a limited edition set of high-quality, art prints, delivered to you using professional archival inks on a fine, art matte medium. The paper is made from 100% cotton rag and using a hot press production and features a smooth matte finish. The heavy-weight paper deliver bright whites, deep blacks, and a wide color gamut, and it’s sure to last a lifetime.

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Grizzly Bear Print
Kylo Ren Print
Homo Sapien Print

Applied Illustration

Canvases come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a custom vector illustration that can be scaled to any size and printed on any material, we do that too. Our art graphics have been transformed into vinyl typography murals, floor murals, large-scale billboard wraps, web ads, bus and subway advertisements, utility box covers, colouring books and more. We’ve also designed apparel graphics for smaller items like skis, t-shirts, and stationery. Give us a blank canvas, and we’ll find a way to fill it.

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Skevik Skis Pell Graphic
Hootsuite Customer Service Vinyl Mural
Pellvetica Clearly Floor Mural
La Care Illustration
#singitfwd Poster

Graphic Design

Grabbing attention in our noisy, advertisement-filled world is tough… but custom-designed anything can help customers find the information they need in an experiential way. If you dream it, we can help.

2001 Space Odyssey Fan Poster
Fallout 4 Poster - Brotherhood of Steel Helmet
#singitfwd Poster

Handmade Signage

Hand-painted or vinyl cut signage can also help you achieve that hand-crafted look. We can design and create vinyl-ready signage files that you can send to your local sign shop for printing and installation. We also offer hand-painted signage installation directly on walls, chalkboards, and more.

Pellvetica Vinyl Studio Door
Molson Blimp
West Coast Wildlife by Pellvetica
Pellvetica Macbook Vinyl Decal
Drawing study of a female figure

Fine Art Commissions

Outside of our commercial work, we both continue to practice our individual artistic practices. You’ll notice a number of personal pieces posted on @Sandy and @Steve‘s Instagram accounts. Many of these works are for sale. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please let us know and we can discuss those options.

The Champion by Sandy Pell and Steve Pell
Allocadia Mural
Venus Painting Concept Sketch Study

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to make a mural or commercial illustration?

An average indoor commercial mural installation (140sq/ft) takes a single weekend (2-3 days), depending on the size and complexity of the final art. If a single weekend is not possible, or the artwork is a larger scale, we will continue the work until it has been completed.

Commercial illustration graphics come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s difficult to generalize this process. Depending on the size and complexity of your artwork, conceptualization, final artwork production, and delivery can range anywhere from 2-15 days, or more. Please contact us for an estimate.

How much do you charge for your work?

Mural pricing on average starts at $40.00 CAD per square foot (unit rate), with a minimum of 100sq/ft. The unit rate may change if we are working in a space smaller than 100sq/ft, working with a client who requires more than 2-3 iterations, or working within a space that is difficult to access (which may require additional personal protection equipment). Our unit price may drop if the space is larger than 200sq/ft, or we are given increased creative freedom. If a wall requires preparation prior to painting, is the responsibility of the client. Paint and other materials are included in the price. Aerial or boom equipment rentals, scaffolding, or travel fees (outside of Vancouver, Canada) are not included.


Commercial illustration graphics are difficult to price because they are dependent on usage rights, distribution, and more. Please contact us for an estimate.

What does the process of working with you look like?

We aim to make our mural installation process as easy as possible. First, we’ll meet you in-person and visit the space so that we can take photos and measurements. Next, we’ll provide a cost estimate based on the square footage of the space and complexity of the work. To move forward, we require a 50% deposit and signed contract to book our time. Once received, we sketch out initial ideas and composite them into photos of your space for feedback. Generally, we provide a maximum of 3 sketch revisions. When we agree on direction with you, we’ll begin the production of the polished artwork. Art is created digitally and it enables us to efficiently and meticulously hand-paint the final artwork on to the wall. Have a digital file also gives us the ability to you to use it for many other applications, such as company swag.

What do we get for our investment?

We believe the installation of commercial murals and custom illustrations art play an important role in our society. Not only do they help build tight communities, murals also put smiles on people’s faces. Commercial murals also make an impact on the cultural dynamic of any working environment, and we are glad to see that offices with commercial murals are gaining traction and popularity. Our past clients have witnessed firsthand the power of adding murals (i.e. people haggling over booking of a boardroom with a beautiful mural in it). As part of your investment, you’ll also receive a digital copy of the design (.tiff format) to use in marketing campaigns, not-for-profit company swag, desktop or mobile wallpapers, and more.

How do you accept payment?

We accept EMT, cheque (made out to Pellvetica) or cash as payment. A 50% deposit on the agreed project price is required before we begin any work. Once the mural is complete, the final 50% of the invoice will be due, Net 30, from the completion date. If additional work is requested after the original contract is signed, we will treat this new request as a separate project and will provide you with a new invoice and contract for that request.

Who owns the intellectual property of the work?

Unless otherwise agreed upon, we will retain full rights to the intellectual property (IP) of our artwork. This gives us the ability to share it for promotional purposes. We will not resell commissioned artwork in any way without speaking to you first. The artwork was designed for you, and will be exclusive to you. Some clients will require us to sell them the IP rights because of non-disclosure agreements (NDA), which we are happy to do. You can purchase these rights off of us for an additional fee.

Will you work pro-bono?

We will consider all pro bono projects, minus material expenses (paint, scaffolding, PPE or any unforeseen expenses). We will consider working pro bono under 2 conditions. 1) If we are given absolute creative freedom. We value your ideas and key stakeholder feedback, but ultimately we want the power of unimpeded choice. 2) If the project helps benefit a good cause. This gives us an opportunity to try something new that we would normally never have the chance to try.

How do we get in touch with you?

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